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Cysts / Lipomas

Cysts / Lipomas


Consultation fee £150. Fee for removal dependent on size/location of lesion.

No. of Treatments

Usually 1

Recovery Time

Stitches may be removed after 7-10 days. Normal activities can be allowed after 1-2 days within reason. Aftercare advice will be provided by the surgeon.

Procedure Time

30 to 45 minutes

Discomfort Level

Some potential discomfort after local anesthetic wears off

Longevity of results

Treated area of skin normally fully healed in 4-6 weeks


Local anaesthetic injections

Skin cysts are common harmless lesions typically affecting the trunk, head and neck.  They often appear as firm round pale lesions beneath the skin and can become inflamed, tender and painful.  Sometimes they may have a central “black pore.”  Cysts occur when a sac forms and fills with dead skin cells and oil called sebum which appear as a cheese-like material. The entire sac needs to be removed or they are likely to reoccur.

Lipomas are also harmless but are generally formed of fatty tissue which can feel either soft, firm or squishy. Like cysts, they will not go away without surgery.


Initial Consultation £150

Mr Andrew Kelly Dr Andrew Mottram
Small cysts from £595 £595
Lipomas from £595 £595
Histology £75 £75

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