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Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal


Consultation fee £150. Fee for removal dependent on size/location of lesion

No. of Treatments

Usually 1-2. May need repeated treatment depending on size of skin tag

Recovery Time


Procedure Time


Discomfort Level

Mild. You may feel some intense coldness/stinging during the treatment

Longevity of results

Treated area of skin normally fully healed in 4-6 weeks

Skin tags are benign lesions that can be removed for aesthetic reasons. They may snag or aggravate patients and affect self confidence.

Skin tags can be removed by

Excision– surgical removal under local anaesthetic. The skin tag is removed using a scalpel, leaving only a small white/pink scar.

Cryotherapy– locally applied freezing therapy that employs liquid nitrogen gas to freeze the target area. The cold temperature blocks blood supply to the area and causes it to fall off.


Initial Consultation £150

Skin tags

Mr Andrew Kelly Dr Andrew Mottram
Small Skin Tag (less than 5 mm) £175 £175
Small Skin Tags 2 to 5 £295 £295
Small Skin Tags 6 to 10 £375 £375

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