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Lip outline
  • Price – From £300
  • Treatment time – 30 minutes (2 sessions)
  • Recovery time – Minimal
  • Results – Immediate
  • Longevity – 6-9 months


Profhilo is a form of concentrated hyaluronic acid. Its unique characteristic is how it spreads out over a large area after being injected, boosting collagen production. It is excellent for improving skin laxity and tightening the skin of the face, neck and hands.


Making a difference

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Treatment with Profhilo must adhere to a strict protocol outlined by the manufacturer. For facial treatment, 5 Bio-Aesthetic Points (BAPs) are injected on each side of the face. A second treatment is carried out 4 weeks later.

Profhilo can be used for the following purposes: 

  • Facial rejuvenation 

  • Neck rejuvenation 

  • Hand rejuvenation

The benefits of Profhilo 

  • Improve skin laxity

  • Global improvement in the area being treated

  • Skin tightening


Profhilo Treatment

N.B. Suggested protocol is 2 treatments

Dr. Chris Nurse Emma Dr Katie Nurse Michelle Nurse Natalie
First treatment (2mls) £300 £300 £300 - -
Second treatment (2mls) £250 £250 £250 - -


What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler product which acts to stimulate collagen production, leading to improvement in skin laxity and a youthful, skin tightening effect.

How long do the results last?

6 – 9 months. Results vary from patient to patient.

Will I receive any aftercare?

At Array, all patients receive follow up as required. Contact a member of our team at or call 02890918897 to arrange your review appointment.

Which products do you use?

Profhilo is a manufactured by IBSA and distributed by HA-Derma, an Italian company known for producing products of outstanding purity.

Is the treatment painful?

Although a little uncomfortable, patients tolerate the procedure well. The procedure is quick!

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